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Transsnet Shareholders Netease

NetEase is China's leading Internet technology company, which was listed on NASDAQ in June 2000. It is China's number one mobile media and leading Internet media platform. It is the world's leading game development and distribution company, covering more than 900 million users in China.It Provides users with free email, games, search engine services, and more than 30 content channels such as news, entertainment, sports, as well as blog, video, BBS and other interactive communication. At the same time, NetEase also adheres to the people-oriented talent strategy, attracting, retaining and motivating the best talents, advocateing offering employees a relaxed office atmosphere and good living conditions, also providing a fast-growing platform and sufficient development space for outstanding talents.

Transsnet Shareholders Transsion Holding

Transsion is a leader in the mobile phone industry. The global sales network covers more than 50 countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Its brand of mobile phones account for about 40% of the market share of the African mobile industry, with an annual turnover of over RMB 35 billion, which has become one of the consumer's most favorite end products and mobile value-added service providers. Transsion gathers a group of people who hava ideas and pursuit to do something meaningful together with a higher than voluntary belief.