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Transsnet Shareholders Netease

Netease Group is one of biggest leading Internet technology companies in China. The company was founded in June 1997 by Mr. Lei Ding and was listed on Nasdaq in June 2000. Currently, Netease has over 900 million users in China, providing a variety of online services including email, e-commerce, gaming, live streaming video, news media, social media and online education. NetEase adheres to the people-oriented strategy and intends to attract, retain and motivate the best talents. NetEase strives to provide employees with comfortable working atmosphere and promising career path by offering a welcoming and inspiring work space for all employees.

Transsnet Shareholders Transsion Holding

Transsion Holdings is committed to provide consumers with their favorite smart devices and mobile value-added services. After years of expansion, the company, which holds the largest market share in Africa, has become a leading player in the mobile industry with annual sales volume of over 35 billion RMB. Currently, Transsion has a global sales network covering more than 70 countries and regions worldwide, including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, the UAE (Dubai), India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. With the core value "Together, We Can", TRANSSION strives to help employees improve their professional competence and competitiveness via diversified employee training and development programs.